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3 days express program to take care of your health

This medical express program allows to improve health even for those people who do not have time in their busy schedule. A long-term scientific researche has allowed to develop a 3-day express program to kickstart the recovery of health based on a principle of the «regulatory peptide cascade». The mechanism of action of peptides is very similar to a game principle in «falling dominoes». The player forces down one domino and it makes hundreds and hundreds of dominoes fall. The same principle can be applied to our organism. Introduction of peptides leads to liberation of other peptides for which the initial first peptide served as an inductor. In turn last peptides serve as inductors of the next group of peptides, etc.

Effects from the application of the peptides can come quite shortly and remain for a long time (on average - about a year). This fact has formed the basis for working out the unique medical express program for the restoration of health. Peptide bioregulators are prescribed depending on the results of a complex diagnostics of the patient. For a faster and a more potent start of «peptide cascade» bioregulators are injected.

Thus, just within three days the organism receives a powerful «boost of youth» which will amplify within several following weeks.
Consultation with a therapist
3 body masks with a unique complex of peptide bioregulators, providing powerfull rejuvenating effect
3 mesotherapies with a complex of peptide bioregulators, stimulating metabolism on a cellular level
- 3 intramuscular injections and a course of tableted peptide bioregulators, improving work of neuroendocrine, immune and antioxidavtive systems.