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the program designed to restore the structure of the skin on the neck and the face

The cocktail of the peptides which have been individually selected depending on the problem and the structure of the derma are applied directly on the skin and then it is treated with electric microcurrents. During the procedure of injectionless mesotherapy the permeability of a cellular membrane increases 400-fold, a factor that allows the peptides to enter freely into the deepest layers of the skin.

Such powerful effect of peptides allows to quickly restore oxidative processes in the skin, strengthen collagen synthesis and eliminate skin dehydration. This method allows to see the result even after the first procedure.
Mesotherapy with peptides

Unique physiotherapeutic procedure of the injectionless introduction of peptide bioregulators into the deep layers of the skin. Unlike injections, there is no damage during this procedure, therefore no risk of the occurrence of the side effects caused by needle puncture – puffiness, painfullness, formation of bruises is absent. This factor is extremely important during the introduction of peptides to the neck area.