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the program of removal of the intoxications and restoration of the metabolism in an organism

Peptide bioregulators render powerful detox effect. They normalize exchange processes in cells and strengthen the processes of neutralization of toxic substances in an organism.

Besides, local application of peptides has a regenerating effect on the skin, activating its protective functions.
Consultation with a therapist
3 body masks with a unique complex of peptide bioregulators, providing a powerful detox effect
5 intramuscular injections of peptide bioregulators, stimulating metabolism at a cellular level and restoring work of the antioxidative system

Physiotherapeutic method of a combined effect of an electric current and medicinal substance, delivered with its help.

The procedure allows a painless introduction of a substance into the body. Besides, the weak electric current itself is a biological irritant, which stimulates cells and contributes to a faster action of the peptides