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the program of treatment and prevention of the complications of diabetes

Sugar-reducing tablets or insulin injections – here is a daily diet of a person with diabetes. It is inconvenient, however you get used to it and such way of life becomes normal. We know that it is not the strict intake scheme that creates problems in people's lives, but the decrease in eyesight, bad memory, pains in feet, intimate problems etc.

All these complications arise due to the lesion of vessels. However now it is possible to live a full life without thinking of diabetes!
Consultation with a therapist
Glucose test
5 intramuscular injections of peptide bioregulators improving endocrine, immune and anti-oxidative systems functioning
Course of tableted peptide bioregulators, providing angioprotective action and restoring pancreas function
Complex administration of peptide bioregulators will allow to improve the pancreas functioning and to strengthen vascular walls from within, that will lead to the improvement of the general state of health, sight, memory and will restore intimate functions