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the program for strengthening the metabolism in the central and peripheral parts of the retina

One of the most frequent reasons of the loss of sight and blindness is retinal degeneration. When retinal cells die off the sight sharply decreases. The degeneration of the retina is caused by such diseases as maculodegeneration, pigmentary degeneration, myopic illness, glaucoma complications etc.

The only effective method of treatment of these diseases is developed at the St.-Petersburg Institute of bioregulation and gerontology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and is used solely in our clinic. The complex of peptide bioregulators, used in the treatment of these diseases, promotes the growth of new cells in the retina that leads to the improvement of eyesight.
Treatment of the retinal lesion

In ophthalmology as a whole it is considered that there are no effective methods of treatment for the retinal degeneration and the diabetic retinopathy. Certain attempts take place to treat some forms of the illnesses using the laser. However this form of treatment only cauterizes the retina, it doesn't deal with the reasons of the occurrence of diseases and has a number of side effects. We possess exclusive technology of treatment and prevention of various dystrophic diseases of the retina.