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the program designed to strengthen blood vessels, improve blood supply and cardiac muscles

Human body is full of blood vessels. They represent a transport highway, providing each section of our organism with blood, providing supply of oxygen and nutrients. The more efficient is the work of the vascular system, the better is the metabolism.

Strengthening of vascular system is a paramount priority of each human being irrespective of age, gender and presence or absence of diseases.
Consultation with a therapist
An electrocardiography (electrocardiogram) with explanation
Express diagnostics of atherosclerosis
5 intramuscular injections or procedures of electrophoresis, a course of tableted peptide bioreguators, restoring structure of vascular walls which leads to improved microcirculation and exchange processes in the myocardium
Proven efficiency

Application of the complex of peptide bioregulators restores structure of vascular walls, stimulates myocardium function, positively influences exchange processes in myocardium cells, improves contractory function of a myocardium in people with the ischemic heart disease, improves tolerance to physical activitiy and normalizes parameters of cardiovascular system. The condition of patients improves considerably: heartaches disappear, dyspnea vanishes and overall activity increases