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The program designed to strengthen vessels of the bottom extremities and prevent varix dilation

Varicosity develops due to a lowered tonus of veins. Venous valves don't shut fully and the blood starts to congest, increasing the size of a vein. Removal or hardening of the vein doesn't eliminate the reason of a weak tonus of vessels, therefore getting rid of one varicose vein doesn't guarantee good results, because in its place several more can appear. However veins can be stimulated by means of special medicamentous procedures and exercises. In the middle of the venous wall there is a layer of muscles which regulates its diameter. Therefore, in order for the vein to compress and easily overcome resistance of a venous flow of blood, it is necessary that the exchange processes in muscular cells run correctly.

Peptide bioregulators effectively and physiologically affect metabolism in vascular cells, restoring their tone. The use of lymphatic drainage promotes activation of skeletal muscles and increases the tonus of vascular walls. This leads to the reduction of hypostases and risk of development of varicose insufficiency
Consultation with a therapist
5 procedures of electrophoresis and a course of tableted peptide bioregulators, restoring structure of the vascular walls
5 procedures of lymphatic drainage combined with the massage of the bottom extremities
Lymphatic drainage

is an absolutely painless procedure which activates lymphatic system and exteriorizes excess liquid from the organism. Accelerated disintegration of fats takes place together with the expultion of products of the exchange from intercellular spaces. As a consequence removal of hypostases and toning of the vascular walls takes place. Even after the first procedure one feels a pleasant sensation of ease and relaxation in all tissues