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the program of restoration of the organism reserve
Our health is constantly being guarded by a huge “army” of the immune cells and mechanisms, which in a normal state should deflect any infectious aggression from the outside. Every minute with air, food, through micro-cracks in the skin and mucous membranes billions of various microbes attack our body. A healthy organism with a strong immunity manages to destroy an infection very quickly, and in most cases we don't even notice it. However, when an attack from the outside happens too aggressively or our immune forces are not capable to resist an infection - various diseases appear.

Unique complex of peptide bioregulators exerts a powerful immunomodulatory action. Peptide bioregulators physiologically restore functioning of the immune system. The organism becomes filled with “vital energy” which in its turn leads to the improvement of the general state of health and strengthens body's protective forces.
Consultation with a therapist
5 intramuscular injections
course of tableted peptide bioregulators, restoring functioning of the immune system