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the program aimed against «oxidizing stress», providing a boost to the immunity and activating reserve possibilities of the organism

Free radicals exert toxic effect on our bodies, disrupting metabolic processes at a cellular level. This leads to the occurrence of various diseases and accelerated aging of an organism.

Powerful influence of peptide antioxidants normalizes the work of anti-radical protection of an organism. As a result restoration of oxidative processes takes place in the skin, which stimulates its protective functions
Consultation with a therapist
3 body masks with a unique complex of peptide bioregulators, rendering powerful detox and rejuvenating action on all organism
3 mesotherapies with a complex of peptide bioregulators, stimulating metabolic processes on a cellular level in the area of face and neck
5 intramuscular injections and a course of tableted peptide bioregulators, improving the work of neuroendocrinal, immune and anti-oxidative systems