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The program of strengthening of the pulmonary system

This program is recommended in case of pulmonary diseases as well as during seasonal aggravation of respiratory infections, and also to smokers to reduce coughing. The program allows to eliminate bronchospasm and protect bronchial tubes and lungs from toxic influence of infections, nicotine and tar.
Consultation with a therapist
5 inhalations with a complex of peptide bioregulators restoring the work of the lungs
A vitamin drink on the basis of the ecologically clean Altay herbs
The program «Protect your lungs +»

The program designed for prevention and treatment of chronic pulmonary diseases and for long-time smokers. The program includes: - Consultation with a therapist, - 3 inhalations with a complex of peptide bioregulators, restoring the function of bronchial tubes and improving functioning the immune system, - a course of tableted peptide bioregulators, restoring the work of lungs.