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the program of restoration of functional abnormalities and activation of the work of the immune system

The unique complex of peptide bioregulators has a positive influences on the work of nervous system delivering a relaxing effect. It also provides a general health-improving action and raises immune forces of the organism.

As a result skin shows a stark lifting effect. Its structure, color and humidity improves.
Consultation with a therapist
3 body masks with a unique complex of peptide bioregulators, providing a powerful rejuvenating effect
5 intramuscular injections of peptide bioregulators, improving the work of neuroendocrinal, immune and central nervous systems
Body mask

Skin is the biggest organ of a human body. In adults the area of its surface can reach 1,5-2 sq. m. Application of the medication to its surface, and, in particular, application of peptide bioregulators leads to a large scale intake of these substances by the organism. However the speed of the uptake of peptides is much less, as opposed to them being injected. Thus, the body mask promote soft (physiological) and prolonged uptake of peptides by the organism. Besides, there is a local regenerating effect on the epithelial tissue which in turn promotes strengthening of the protective properties of the skin.