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After 25 years begins a natural biological process of aging of an organism and first of all of the skin. The skin gradually loses its elasticity due to the lack of collagen and elastin.

The quantity of collagenic fibres, responsible for the elasticity of the skin decreases with time, and the remaining fibres become incapable of retaining as much moisture as before. Because of this the skin becomes drier and looks older. The skin doesn't regenerate properly, showing lowered immune functions.

Ability of the skin to regenerate decreases. Immune functions of the skin decreases. Less new cells are formed and as a result the natural protective barrier of the skin gradually falls apart. It becomes uncapable of withstanding negative influence of the environment and especially of sunlight. As a result the skin becomes more vulnerable and doesn't carry out the function of a barrier, as it did at young age. That is why wrinkles, low turgor, unhealthy color of skin is not a signal to visit a cosmetician for the elimination of the visible effects, but a signal to urgently consult a doctor in order to restore the proper functioning of the skin.

Protection and restoration of the functions of the skin is not a cosmetological procedure, but a medical one, directed at strengthening the immune system and normalization of the metabolism.
The program designed to restore the structure of the skin on the neck and the face
with peptides
The program of restoration of the structure and protective properties of the skin