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The program aimed at strengthening and restoring the immune system

Health, physical activity and appearance – these are the criteria of youth today but not the quantity of years lived. So it is possible to remain young and healthy at any age. The earlier we will start thinking about health preservation, the longer we will remain young and active.

A unique complex of peptide bioregulators allows to slow down the rate of aging due to the regeneration of tissues, powerful antitumoral effect and the increase of cellular resource
Consultation with a therapist
5 inhalations
5 injections of peptide bioregulators, strengthening protective forces and restoring reserve possibilities of an organism

Introduction of peptide bioregulators by means of inhalations is simple, yet very effective method of treatment and prevention of diseases. First of all such method of application provides possibility of a direct and fast action on an inflammation in mucous membranes of respiratory tracks, and secondly it allows fast uptake of peptides into bloodstream offering a powerful central influence and restoring the work of the immune system. Inhalations are an effective and painless method of introdusing medicinal substances.