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We provide quality medical services on the basis of traditional techniques of diagnostics and treatment together with the exclusive techniques of peptide bioregulating therapy.
To remain young and healthy is a natural desire. High-quality diagnostics, timely prevention and the use of the advanced innovative technologies – these are the three basic components of a successful work of our medical center in maintaining the health and longevity of our patients!

Our programs of diagnostics, treatment and prevention do not demand change in the rhythm of life that you are used to. Modern precise diagnostics and innovative methods of treatment allow our experts to detect many diseases at an early stage.
It is scientifically proven that a biological limit of a human life is 100-120 years. However average life expectancy is 70-75 years, and we are talking about premature aging . Hence, almost everyone has a life reserve of 30 to 40 years. Stresses, bad ecology, harmful radiations, unbalanced nourishment and unhealthy life style - all do not allow us to realize this biological reserve. The earlier we will start to care for our health, the longer we will stay physically active.

The technology of bioregulating therapy which is aimed at the preservation of the main functions of the body has been developed at the St.-Petersburg Institute of bioregulation and gerontology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. Peptide bioregulators are a natural combination of amino acids, which restore proteins synthesis and functional activity of tissues in the human body.

Not so long ago I began to pay more attention to my appearance, especially the skin on my face and neck, I saw that the skin is no longer the same as in 20 years. Here at the "Tree of Life" clinic, I was recommended to undergo a course of mesotherapy with peptides, and with the introduction not through injections, but with the help of another innovative technology. I got a very cool effect after the course. The skin is refreshed and noticeably improved.

+7 812 410 00 11
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Use of peptide bioregulators improves the work of the immune system and promotes the restoration of reserve capabilities of the organism
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Application of peptide bioregulators stimulates restoration of the disbalance within organs and tissues
Healthy vessels
and heart
In order for the vein to compress and easily overcome resistance of a venous flow of blood, it is necessary to use peptide bioregulators
Male and female
We diagnose, prevent and treat the disfunctions associated with male and female sexual functions
Improve your
We use peptide of the vessels to improve eye nourishment and the peptide of the brain which restores the patency of nervous impulses
Protection and restoration of the functions of the skin is directed at strengthening the immune system and normalization of the metabolism
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Doctor of Medicine, Professor, president of the russian society of antiageing medicine
In general, I believe that the Tree of Life clinic in St. Petersburg is the first medical institution where people over 40 should go. Maybe not even because of an illness, or rather, well, if not because of an illness. It is simply necessary to support the body as long as it has its own strength. If everyone does this, then we will live longer
I couldn't lose weight so I could get pregnant later. For 7.5 months, they almost approached the desired weight. This is truly a miracle! I am very grateful to everyone, and I am glad that such excellent specialists work with us in St. Petersburg. I recommend the Tree of Life clinic to all girls who have similar problems.

State Medical University. acad. I.P. Pavlova

Residency in urology at the Military Medical Academy. CM. Kirov

Northwestern State University named after I.I. Mechnikov

Institute of Experimental Medicine with a degree in neurology
General manager

Doctor of Medicine
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